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Safety Tips That Can Help Prevent Car Theft

by Dave Dobson

Everyone car owner adores their freedom on wheels. Using their car for everything from going to work to take the children to school. We all rely on their vehicles to facilitate our lifestyles. Most of us would probably struggle without them. Because we rely on them so much, we need to do what we can to make them look more enticing for thieves. Because of this, I am going to give you some safety tips that can help prevent car theft.

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Do not Leave Your Car Running Without Being in it

There are plenty of times when it is tempting to leave your car running, so you could let your car warm-up, run a quick errand, or run back to your home to pick up something you just remembered you needed.

While it might be convenient, there are a few reasons why leaving an engine idling is not a good idea. First of all, it is an open invitation for a car thief. While most savvy thieves can get into a car and drive off with a car with or without the engine on, a vehicle that is idling makes the thieves job so much easier and quicker. All they need to do is jump in and drive off.

There are also good odds that it is illegal. For example, in 31 states in the US, leaving your car idling (whether you are inside or not) is illegal. This is mostly because of efforts to reduce CO2 levels. Running a vehicle emits a whole host of gases that pollute the air and creates smog.

Many people let their cars idle because they are afraid of wasting gas, but this is a myth. Restarting your car uses less gas overall than leaving your car idle for 10 seconds or more. Make sure you turn your vehicle if you are going to be waiting for more than 10 seconds.

Park Smart (Think Garage)

Parking vehicles outside can lead to a higher possibility of them getting stolen. Recently car thefts have been on the rise. A stolen car can not only be inconvenient for owners but can also be a reason for major expenses. Many studies reveal that auto theft across the globe costs close to a billion dollars years. And while one cannot always predict these kinds of mishaps, there are ways that that can help in reducing the chances of theft.

One of the ways is by parking your car in a garage. It is simple! If you have a garage, do not turn it into a junkyard, use it to protect your car. However, if you do not own a garage yet, then this might be the time to opt for one. That said, you can go for a 12×24 shed (a portable garage). These kinds of parking spaces can be quite spacious for average-sized vehicles. Plus, it can have extra space for a workbench and a few other garden tools. You can get even more out of these garages by adding loft space or a full attic.

Remember, it is important to keep the doors of your garage locked all time (except the time you are using it). Do not leave your garage keys with your neighbors or somebody else unless you have complete faith in them. Also, it would be a good idea to install security cameras outside your garage for monitoring activities.

Always Lock Your Car

The vast majority of car thefts are crimes of opportunity. Car thieves look for cars that are easy to get into quickly so they can make a speedy getaway. Unlocked cars are easy targets because a thief does not need to break a window or spend precious time trying to pry open the lock or get to the lock button; they just open the door and get in. It is also easy to inconspicuously check whether a car door is locked without drawing attention.

Many newer cars come equipped with remote control keyless entry or remote start capabilities. These will lock automatically once the car no longer can detect the signal from the key. This also prevents you from locking your keys in the car. While the convenience factor is nice, the downside of this technology is that it makes it easier for a car thief to steal your car if you forget you left your keys in your car.

It might seem like common sense to not leave your key or fob inside the car, it is easy to do and unfortunately more common than you would think. We are all human after all, and we make mistakes. One report found that one in eight cars was stolen because the key fobs were left in the car.

Ultimately, there are a variety of approaches you can take to better protect your car from thieves. Locking your car and leaving it idle are two of the best approaches because these are where the majority of car stealing crimes happen. Reducing the opportunity thieves have will reduce the chance of your car being broken into and stolen

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