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From Brisbane to Brooloo: 3 Reasons to Hire a Car While on Vacation

by Dave Dobson

When you are on vacation, it makes sense to Car Hire rather than not have the means to get around and explore a location. This can help you to make more of your holiday experience. It does depend on where you are in the world, but in Australia, for example, things are spread out and you would hardly see anything without some kind of transport. It does depend on how much of an adventure you are looking for, but cars open many possibilities.


Number one, hiring a car while on vacation will give you freedom. That is the freedom to explore, like a local, the places that many tourists cannot reach because they have not taken the same decision to think about transport while at a place.

It is good to be able to escape many of the tourists’ traps that have tourists in mind but are predictable in what they have to offer. You can explore the exciting places that you had looked up when studying the map at home, whether that was a paper map or the one on your mobile phone.

Once you are at a place, you might think the city is all hustle and bustle. This does not matter, however, when you have a car to take you away to a more peaceful and relaxing place. Shopping one day could turn into a mountainous adventure the next. Cars allow you to make the most of any vacation.

More Comfortable Than Public Transport

Many of us will feel uneasy about using public transportation in a location that is unfamiliar to us. It is simply easier to follow our navigation than learn about local bus or train routes and negotiate their timings to fit in with our holiday plans.

Financially, it can be too easy to build up a big bill when the whole family has to pay to use public transportation. It is more often than not, cost-effective, to have hired that car in the first place.

There is no doubt that the costs of group travel may well dictate the hiring of a car. Also, though, there is added comfort and convenience from having a car, allowing you to better enjoy your journeys. Sat Nav has made it far easier to navigate oneself while abroad than in the past. Global maps are now as easy to follow as local ones. Particularly when a comforting voice is guiding you to a location.

Experiencing a Car You Always Dreamed of Driving

Hiring a car can be a way to get to drive a car that you always wanted to get behind the wheel of. It could be a spacious and luxurious vehicle or a sports car that you have always dreamt of owning but could never quite afford. When hiring a car it will, of course, cost more to go for a more luxurious or sporty model, but as you are only hiring it for a short period, this will not break the bank. It will also become part of the experience and enjoyment of a holiday.

We can feel like a celebrity as we drive our hired dream car down the highway of an idyllic location. We can sit back and think about how the other half lives, except that for them it is all the time. We can enhance any experience by driving something that we have chosen to drive rather than chosen because the practicalities back at home dictated it.

So, three good reasons to hire a car in any event, but particularly for a vacation. It gives us the freedom to explore, means that we do not have to rely on public transport that is scheduled for specific times and locations, and can experience luxury travel where we choose to hire that kind of vehicle for our driving pleasure or comfort. It is so easy these days to navigate yourself around, wherever we may be in the world, from Brisbane to Brooloo.

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