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Beautiful Roads To Experience Once In Your Lifetime

by Dave Dobson

We all love a nice, long drive on a smooth road on a beautiful day with the perfect weather. What better than to top it all off with some beautiful and captivating scenery.  While it is true that a vast majority of people are used to driving for work and other matters daily, any vehicle owner can appreciate a nice view to highlight their day.

That being said, this list will feature some of the world’s most beautiful roads with breathtaking scenery. You might even find one that’s near you or for your next trip. After all, nothing is quite like experiencing unique sights at least once in a lifetime.

The Atlantic Road

The Atlantic Road is a road famed in Norway as a driving experience that can be compared to that of a movie. This road makes it to this list for its impressive five miles in length between the beautiful nearby villages Vevang and Karvag, with its stunning bridges and archipelagic scenery. Each second on the road feels like a lucid dream that simply takes the driving experience onto a whole other level.

Locals recommend you drive this road during sunrise or sunset to appreciate the beautiful yellow sky along the horizon. If the ideal road trip could be condensed into a single experience, then the Atlantic Road is probably it. On the other hand, however, the drive can have some sharp turns at times which is something that you might want to look out for.

Milford Road

If you appreciate staring into the large, extended mountainsides, then Milford Road is the pick for you. This particular road located in New Zealand guides drivers into some of the most captivating aspects of the country in one lovely drive. The entirety of the drive can be finished in about two hours. Of course, you can zoom through the road quicker, but you will want to take in all the amazing scenery.

Milford Road is best enjoyed with extra time for taking pictures and staring into the plentiful beautiful lakes that you may pass by along the way. Some of these noteworthy sights include the Earl Mountains and the flowing waterfalls of the Cleddau river. Upon opening the windows of your vehicle, you can expect a nice breath of fresh air as the greenery around you flows in.

Highway One

Highway one is a beautiful road that runs about the California coastline that offers a soothing long drive. This road is filled with endless scenes of beautiful water running along the coasts, which stretches through the entirety of the Monterey Region. The drive has plenty of picture-worthy sights to behold and preserve.

This drive allows you to experience the seaside and how beautiful bodies of water can be clashing against rocks and the like. If you love a nice ocean breeze with the ever so faint scent of salt in the air, then this a road that you just have to try.

Tianmen Mountain Road

As its name may imply, the Tianmen mountain road is located on the side of China’s Tianmenshan Mountain, which extends for about six miles altogether. It is also more commonly known as the ‘heaven-linking avenue.’ The roads lead to a well-known cave known as the Tianmen Cave, a rock arch that was naturally cut into the mountain and accessible if you are willing to climb 999 steps.

The place is simply bustling with plenty of greenery and provides an amazing view at day. Plenty of trips tend to pass through this road to marvel at the carefully constructed route and especially visit the Tianmen Cave. Additionally, a cable car is also readily available to those who want to see a nice aerial view of the road and other breathtaking scenery.

Scenery pairs well with a nice smooth drive. Plenty of memorable experiences in new places are defined by the astonishing sights to visit and enjoy. These roads are only but a few of the hundreds of other routes in the world that have yet to be explored. Even if it’s simply behind a tainted window, appreciating nature and the skillfully made roads are truly things that are worth remembering.

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