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Auto Repairs: What PDR Means to Denver Residents?

by Dave Dobson

One of the latest techniques in auto repairs is known as PDR. This stands for Paintless Dent Repair. It is a process that allows for minor dents to be removed from vehicle bodywork without interfering with the finish of the paintwork. This keeps costs down for motorists or insurance companies and allows for a faster repair.

So, this article will consider just what having PDR in Denver means to its residents, who now have the option of going for this type of repair when their car has been hit by a hailstorm or any other kind of small stone. Not that hailstones are always small. Either way, they can be dealt with by PDR.

Storm Solution

With Denver high on the list of places where hailstorms are likely, it is good to have PDR as your ally. It is a technique that eliminates much of the inconvenience and reduces costs. This is why it is considered innovative and is being adopted by some auto repairs as standard practice. There is no deliberate intention to put paint suppliers out of business, but why spend money on costly paint when a dent can be removed without the original paintwork being affected?


PDR is about restoration. You do not have to own a classic or vintage vehicle to desire for it to be restored to factory condition after it has sustained damage. We all want our car to look like new again if possible. Insurance companies are embracing this new technique that, for less cost, puts a vehicle back into the same position it was before the damage resulted. This is, after all, the principle behind insurance and what we pay our premiums for.

Restoration is about restoring good lucks and PDR can promise that. It will be like giving a car a facelift after an ugly storm has given your vehicle the appearance to match.

Ease of Colour-Matching

Matching a particular shade when a vehicle has sustained damage cannot always be an easy task if it is an unusual or bespoke shade. It can also be a costly affair. So, by avoiding this need, the PDR process is already on to a winner. It saves the hassle of finding the right paint to put right any hailstone damage.

PDR also encourages people to enhance their vehicle aesthetically, knowing that even a large hailstone is not capable of wiping away their efforts. PDR can be considered a kind of motoring freedom in that respect. A freedom that allows us to make a vehicle individual to us, knowing that its paint finish can remain untouched when PDR repairs its unfortunately acquired dents.


Whilst living in Denver is more affordable than residing in places such as Los Angeles, it is still considered a relatively pricey place to live, so any savings that one can make will always be greatly appreciated.

PDR, as a paintless dent repair technique, is cheaper because there is no need for paint or fillers to be used in the process. Panels are simply massaged into shape, removing dents and restoring their original shape. It is somewhat of a miraculous and invisible repair that does not interfere with a manufacturer’s original paintwork and finish, hence the lack of need to buy paint and add to the cost of the repair.

This technique does require specialist tools but these are bought by the repairer, so are not then a one-off expense of the job. It is possible to learn how to use them as a non-professional but any job carried out by someone lacking experience has the potential to result in a less than pleasing repair that will then be highly noticeable. Which is rather defeating the object of the repair.


For the convenience of customers, PDR can be carried out as a mobile dent repair. This saves customers money on commuting at a time when they have no vehicle of their own to commute with for their return journey home. It is good to have a technique available that is mobile. We know of mobile mechanics but perhaps never thought it was possible for vehicle body repairs.


As an efficient technique, PDR can get vehicles back on the road in a shorter amount of time than conventional methods of repair. For a business person, this means that less money is lost because of interruption. As a private individual, it is about convenience and not having to make alternative arrangements to get to work for any longer than necessary. These all cost money and rely on others you might not want to burden with your problems.

So, PDR means everything to Denver residents who own a vehicle, whether it be a car or truck. It offers peace of mind when everyone knows that a hailstone repair can be carried out more easily and cheaply, making everyone happy.

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