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5 Safety Features That Help Senior Drivers

by Dave Dobson

Many seniors love the open road, which is why so many car manufacturers provide safety features that support seniors to be safe on the road. As you age it is important to take care of yourself and find ways to get extra support. Just as extra support is needed for driving extra assistance could be needed for living as well, there are multiple assisted living facilities that may be suitable for an individual to look into, check it out here, should they find out that they need support both in a home environment and on the road. Road safety is highly important for all drivers, but with seniors, their reaction times can be a lot slower resulting in some issues, however, as long as they are aware and do what they can to help themselves such as laser eye surgery (check over here to learn more) so they can better their eyesight, as well as take advanced courses, then they should be able to drive efficiently. Today though we see what manufacturers can do for them. Technology has come a long way over the years which is why now more than ever it is safer for seniors to be on the road. To highlight these safety features, I am going to list 5 safety features that can help senior drivers.

Push Button Start

It can be hard for seniors with arthritis to find a physical key and put it into the ignition. A push-button start could support seniors in their driving lives, so they do not have to find a key or try to use it. Instead, the car unlocks at the touch of the handle, and they can start the car with the touch of a button. This suggests that they will not have to spend time alone in a car park trying to start their car.

Reversing Cameras

It can be challenging for seniors to see over the seat and look behind them. They are not as flexible as they once were, and many seniors struggle with serious back pain. A camera looking behind them can help seniors feel more confident and comfortable about the whole procedure of reversing. It might take some time for seniors to adjust and rely on a reversing camera, but once such adjustments have been made, seniors will wonder how they ever managed to drive for all those years without one.

Power Adjustable Seats

If you have ever struggled with trying to reach down and yank to adjust a manual seat, you understand how fantastic power-adjustable seats are to use. For seniors who could struggle to reach the manual levers or pushing their own body weight against the seat, power-adjustable seats can save a lot of stress and ensure a better line of sight.

A seat that is so low the driver cannot see over the steering wheel can easily become a safety hazard. Models that can save the settings of multiple drivers can be great for drivers who co-own or share vehicles with other drivers. On the other hand, setting the seat too high can also cause discomfort, so being given the option to electronically adjust the seats will aid seniors to get the right configuration for them.

Lane Departure Warnings

Lane departure and collision warnings have become premium safety features for anyone who is buying a new car. But they are especially important for senior drivers. Even if seniors do not want to spend extra money upgrading to a model with other features, many seniors want a vehicle that can let them know about potential safety concerns while on the road. For seniors who can be anxious about navigating the fast-paced roads, these safety features can give them a greater sense of confidence.
However, in case there is a collision and the senior driver suffers an injury, they might need extra care after the treatment. Keeping handy the contact of some home care service providers similar to In-Home Senior Care Services in Bethlehem, PA, might prove helpful. More so, if the senior member lives away from their families.

Heated Seats

Heated seats and steering wheels are great for every driver, especially in the winter when it can get incredibly cold outside. However, for seniors with conditions like arthritis or autoimmune disorders, heated seats can help relieve hip, back, or leg discomfort and pain. A driver that is more comfortable is in a better position to focus on the road around them instead of the pain that they might be struggling with.

To conclude, there is a wide range of useful safety features for seniors. Seniors should look to invest in technologies like reverse cameras and lane departure warning signallers to improve their visibility of other vehicles and objects around them when looking to move. In addition, taking advantage of technologies like heated and power-adjustable seats will support seniors to feel comfortable and confident behind the wheel.

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