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5 Online Tools for the Motorist on a Budget

by Dave Dobson

When it comes to motoring, we have a lot of things to think about to run our vehicle from A to B and even across to C. We need to consider financing it, whether buying it outright or under a finance agreement, insuring it, taxing its, servicing it, and keeping it regularly topped up with the necessary fuel it requires to run. It is necessary to, in addition, consider where we are going so that we can navigate it in a cost-effective way. For example, How far can you drive on little gas? Unless, of course, you have the prototype of a self-driving car. So, this article will look at the different online tools available to a motorist that ensure we are never caught out or penalised financially.


Finance Calculators

When purchasing a vehicle that you cannot afford outright, and before getting yourself too involved in a purchase that you cannot afford, it is useful to be able to calculate for yourself what the repayments are likely to be. Online finance calculators exist for this purpose. It is a case of knowing the interest rate to apply to the loan and then allowing for the deposit, which can be adjusted to see how it lowers the repayments. It is always best to put down a reasonable deposit so that you do not end up borrowing more than you need to and paying dearly for the privilege.


Insurance calculators

Comparison websites allow for insurance premiums to be calculated and compared in an instant online. The policy can even be processed online so that you have an immediate cover. This can all be done without having to ring or call in to see an insurance agent face-to-face. This saves money and time.


Fuel Calculators

There are online calculators that enable you to calculate just how far a certain make and model of vehicle will take you on a certain quantity and type of fuel. It can be important to know how far to risk taking your vehicle on a nearly empty tank in relation to where the next garage is. The online link above can help with that.

With hybrid technology, it is possible to switch to another fuel source when the other is about to run out. Electric cars, however, present a more logistical problem in that you need to know precisely where your next electric charging point is when on a long journey from your home. Whereas garages with diesel or unleaded petrol are more plentiful. One thing for certain is that running out of gas is inconvenient and a costly mistake when you need to make additional arrangements to deal with the situation created due to a lack of calculation or planning. Whether you decide to carry any spare fuel depends on how safe you feel about carrying it. Your decision might depend on the availability of service stations in the direction that you are heading.


Distance Calculators and Online Navigation

The simplest of online calculators will allow you to enter your starting position and destination, and then be able to not only calculate your distance in miles or kilometres between the two but show you the best route and say, in addition, how long it will take you to get there. Also, online maps are becoming so sophisticated that you can take yourself to a place, and using the satellite view, take a wrong turn online first, before you are in that place and finding yourself lost for real, and a costly number of miles from your intended destination. Most cars have built-in sat-navs now, but it can be difficult to know which kinds of navigation systems are adopted by vehicles unless you specifically read the manual or ask a salesperson when you’re buying them, so it is definitely worth doing your research.


Language Translators

Foreign language translators, combined with mobile app technology, enable us to have a completely foreign language translator in our pocket. Online translators can not only give you the translation instantly by converting it from your language to the other county’s but also say it out loud for you so that you know how to pronounce it. So, it is now not possible to find yourself lost abroad, even if you are not very good at reading an online map. You will know how to ask someone the way. It can be cost-effective not to lose your way in a foreign country and need to readjust by travelling extra miles in the opposite direction.


So, in summary, we have discussed 5 different aids for the motorist that can be found online and therefore also accessed while on the move. Finance calculators that can work out repayments, insurance calculators, calculators to make sure that you do not run out of fuel, navigational tools, and translators that mean you can easily transition between different continents and countries as easily as if you had revolving number plates and a ready-made supply of stickers relating to the different countries. There is no reason now to be out of pocket because of miscalculation. Your insurance company will thank you, too, because many accidents are caused by people who have found themselves lost and in unfamiliar places.

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