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3 Ways to Improve Car Engine Performance

by Dave Dobson

The best way to improve the performance of a car is to improve its engine. A good place to start is by looking at the website for enginecarbondetox.co.uk, who specialise in improving engine performance and efficiency, and emissions. This article will consider what mechanics can do for us as well as things that we can do for ourselves to help.

Engine Cleaning and Servicing

Specialists in engines can carbon clean our engine, carry out DPF cleaning, and use mobile remapping to improve our vehicle’s performance. This is among other services that garages with expert knowledge of engines can do to improve the performance of our vehicle on the road.

DPF stands for diesel particulate filter. This type of cleaner is designed specifically to give the engine a thorough clean inside and out. The chemical treating the engine helps in reducing soot emissions which are generated by the engine, by regenerating the diesel particle filter and cleaning away existing soot particles.

Parts that can Help

You can boost the power of an engine by 10 horsepower with a cold air intake. Changing the exhaust system is another way to improve the efficiency of the air leaving the system. Both methods work in similar ways to improve engine performance.

In theory, a turbocharger can be added to almost all naturally aspirated engines. However, it is not an easy process, as many parts will need to be considered. It is something that is best left to the engine tuning experts but not impossible. It would certainly boost performance levels.

Ways to Destroy Your Engine

Taking note of the expression that “prevention is better than cure”, we can also improve our engine’s performance by taking more care of it. This includes not revving our engine unnecessarily on the driveway or while waiting at traffic lights. We should also avoid adding ethanol gasoline to it. We should change our oil frequently so that an oil sludge does not build up over time. Regular servicing at a garage will take care of this for us. A lack of fluid is not good for engines, particularly low engine oil levels, so it is important to keep levels topped up. Cold starts are particularly bad for engines. Poor maintenance above all is a factor in engines not performing to their best.

Other common causes of engine damage include an overheating engine, broken timing belts, or a hydrolocked engine. This happens when an engine is driven through flood conditions. If too much water should find its way into the cylinders of the engine, the piston, or their related components, will most likely break as they attempt to compress the mixture of fuel and air that passes through them. An engine may overheat if the cooling system has been damaged or a head gasket has blown, so you must always make sure you get your car checked over and ensure that there is plenty of coolant fluid mixed with distilled water from places like Golyath in order to avoid your car overheating.

So, in summary there a few ways to boost our engine’s performance. If we take our vehicle to an engine specialist (such as the one mentioned above) then they can clean and fine-tune our engine to perform to its best. Parts can be added to a vehicle that will boost its engine’s performance, and as the engine grows older, you will likely be in need of more replacement parts that can perform their job to the highest quality. For example, if your starter motor has malfunctioned and it’s affecting how your engine runs, incorporating something like these woodward solenoids may be just what you need to resolve the issue. Although, your mechanic will be able to tell you for sure what needs to be done so that your engine is working as it should.

In addition, we can ourselves consider how our actions result in an engine not performing so well for us. This might be by ignoring warning signs that parts are failing that have the potential to damage the engine and cost more in damage in the long run. For this reason, it is good to have your vehicle serviced regularly by those who are also specialists in engines or to enlist the services of a separate company for this. You will notice a difference on the road and avoid potentially costly repair bills when a more major problem with the engine results.

Ultimately, there is a lot that can be done to improve a vehicle’s performance, but speaking to a mechanic is one of the best ways to ensure that your car is performing as expected.

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